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SXNTYLR and ‘It’s Just A Vibe’ EP: Sets the Tone and Shatters Stereotypes in Today’s Music Scene

In a world dictated by playlists and charts, the short-lived nature of trends in music seems to hold weight. Despite the whirlwind of temporary sensations, some artists arise to remind us that music is more than a genre or a category. It’s a feeling, a connection, and a statement about who we are and what we believe in. SXNTYLR is one of these artists. With the recent release of his EP It’s Just a Vibe, he embodies the versatility and expressive power of modern music.

A Genre-Bending Journey

SXNTYLR’s It’s Just A Vibe highlights the harsh reality that traditional genre categories are getting increasingly blurred. Hip hop and trap rhythms merge smoothly with R&B’s melodic pulse. Lyrical storylines are mixed with reggae vibes, and the sweet, soulful sound of jazz trumpets makes an appearance in modern beats. It’s a musical palette that respects its historical influences while boldly creating its own way.

PULL UP” featuring HG Locks serves as a sneak peek of the EP’s eclectic mix, giving listeners a taste of what the popular project has in store. Each trendy tracks on It’s Just A Vibe sounds like a testament to the different inspirations that have created SXNTYLR’s musical catalog, paying tribute to classics while crafting its own path. Whether it’s the homage to “JOE GRINE” that spins a fresh sounds on a classic or the magnetic intensity of “CAN’T WAIT” each sizzling single seems both nostalgic and original, a fusion of past and present.

The Classentic Sound

The EP is not about checking off marketing boxes; it is about making a musical statement—a celebration of what SXNTYLR coined as the “classentic sound”. The sound is a hybrid of classic authenticity combining the familiar and the creative. It’s a label that values fusion over exclusion, acknowledging that the best music speaks a universal language and is innately inclusive, transcending demographics and tastes.

Beyond the Vibe

Describing It’s Just a Vibe as a collection of tracks would reduce its richness. At its core, the EP stands as a statement, an embodiment of a society in which the variety of voices is valued. Each song is a vibe, providing a particular story and capturing the diverse emotions that comprise the human experience. SXNTYLR accomplishes this by bridging cultural, era, and personal boundaries.

It’s Just A Vibe is more than its title implies. It’s a request to press play and listen—really listen. We listen with our hearts as much as our ears. It invites us to escape the confines of categorization. In addition to immersing ourselves in the diverse mix of sound that the world of music provides. SXNTYLR’s EP is more than just a passing fad; it represents a watershed moment in a personal and collective journey. Take a trip back to the future with SXNTYLR with his latest offering! Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments here at Lyric Select.


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