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Emanuel “Manny” DeAnda: Reviving R&B With “12 Dozen Roses”

In the realm of R&B, a genre overflowing with silky vocals and heartfelt harmonies, Emanuel “Manny” DeAnda and his solo single “12 Dozen Roses” marks a watershed moment. This trendy track serves as a symbol of the genre’s rich history and limitless future, arriving just in time to serenade listeners on Valentine’s Day. For those who recall, Manny DeAnda once graced the airwaves as the leading voice of the chart-topping group Pretty Ricky, captivating audiences with his sultry tones and unforgettable melodies. Now, Manny steps out of the shadows of the past into the solo spotlight, not just as a vocalist, but as a key character in the unfolding story of R&B music.

A New Chapter Begins

Launching his independent venture, 808 Musicc Productions, in 2022, Manny has set the stage for a renaissance in R&B. His personal studio, 808 Studios, serves as the breeding ground for this musical rebirth, mixing classic R&B rhythms with modern day vibes. This innovative blend promises to carve a unique niche in the industry, with Manny at the reins steering toward uncharted territories.

Creative Collaboration at Its Finest

Manny’s soulful singing skills aren’t the only reason “12 Dozen Roses” works so well. The recent release is the result of a close collaboration with James Sismanes, a renowned producer whose roots trace back to Cleveland who is currently thriving in Australia. This dynamic duo has tapped into a synergy that takes the track above ordinary notes and rhythms, transforming it into a celebration of artistic collaboration. The combination captures a reverence for R&B’s golden age while boldly pushing the envelope, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and innovative.

Beyond The Music

“12 Dozen Roses” signifies more than a melodic gift to the world; it is a heartfelt invitation to listeners everywhere to immerse themselves in the depth and passion of R&B music. Manny’s commitment to crafting songs that tug at the soul’s strings is evident with every beat and lyric. This latest offering showcases his commitment to make music that resonates on a deep level, intricately intertwining emotion and rhythm. For fans of R&B and music lovers universally, Manny DeAnda’s “12 Dozen Roses” serves as an experience to be felt. It ushers in a new era for the genre, promising to enrich the musical tapestry with textures of love, devotion, and innovation.

Manny DeAnda’s solo debut, supported by the solid foundation of 808 Musicc Productions, is more than just a career pivot; it is the beginning of a legacy. A legacy that honors R&B’s rich history while setting the path for its promising future. “12 Dozen Roses” is a testament to Manny’s artistry and vision, promising to captivate hearts and revitalize R&B’s passionate spirit. Keep your eyes and ears open as Manny continues to innovate, create, and serenade the world, one single at a time. Don’t believe? Press play on the sizzling single here at Lyric Select! Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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