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Stt Laurentt Taking Over The Music Scene On YouTube

Stt Laurentt also known as Laurent Formica is a rapper and singer hailing from Melbourne, Australia. At a young age Laurentt received a calling for music unlike any other. He began singing along with his favorite rap songs, and always had a passion for music. Seeing how good he was at creating free styles and flowing like famous rappers, he began making his own music and it would be the best decision he made.

Stt Laurentt began focusing on recording and releasing music, it was insane for a start, and his music had a melodic and complex flow that nobody could repeat. He created his own relatable and unique sound, and his music began growing. With his music dropping consistently for his new fans, Laurentt had to expand his platform and began focusing on YouTube to release his music further. 

Over 2 years ago, Stt Laurentt released his first video to YouTube featuring the song “Stormy Weather” and it already had the attention of 23,000 views. Seeing his YouTube fame rise, he put time and lots of effort into better quality music videos and lyric videos. He uploaded “Lie For A Lie” & “More Baggage” which have since gained over 200,000 total views on YouTube alone. Every time he releases a song to his channel, it goes crazy. Having over one million views and gaining thousands of subscribers, it’s something that this artist nailed.

Check out his YouTube & Instagram below.

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