Interview with Social Media Guru Isaac Haze

What 3 things does anyone starting in your industry need to know?

Marketing, Sales, Business Management. Too many artists/producers think they can just make great music and make their dreams come true. They forget that they are creating a brand. That they themselves are now a Business and needs to be treated as such. You can have the best music in the world but if no one hears it is it really worth anything?

What would you do differently if you were starting in your industry now?

Market me properly. When I first started I was still in the mindset that you needed to hand out CDs or play a bunch of random shows to get fans. All the wasted time and money I spent in old school tactics could’ve been used to 50x my fanbase had I understood how business works.

Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?

Gary V, Jordan Belfort, Grant Cardone. Gary inspired me to be 100% authentically myself and not care what other people think of me. Jordan taught me the art of the sale. How to influence people, sell me as a brand to the right audience, and close anyone who’s closeable. And Grant for the hustler mentality and teaching how to reallocate funds to accrue wealth quickly and efficiently.

What would you say is the #1 key to success in pursuing music?


Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it?

The biggest failure I had was signing too early. I put my trust in a team that I believed knew what they were doing and it bombed. The projects I released had no fan base and didn’t break 1,000 streams. My lesson was to learn the business inside and out and understand how to market and sell a product effectively.

What has been your biggest success story in music? Why do you think it was a success?

My biggest success was producing an album that led to a Grammy nomination. It was a success in my eyes because it lets me know that hard work and focus can help you reach your goals.

What keeps you going when things get tough in your music career?

Passion. I do it cause I love it.

What made you pursue being a Rapper full time?

When I was a kid I was in theater and would freestyle with my friends and have fun with it. Because I enjoyed it so much I decided to see what happened if I put the effort in. The rest is history.

Would you stay independent or sign to a major label?

That’s tough. I’d be open to signing to another label if it was a good fit.

What projects are you working on for 2021 and beyond?

I’m currently producing 3 albums and working on a project for myself. 2 of those projects should be released in 2021.

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