Fans Think Scotty Huss Might Be The Revival That Hip-Hop Needs

Meet Scotty Huss, the Hip Hop sensation rapidly changing listeners’ taste with his thrilling, engaging, and feverish rap music and performances. To stand out from today’s regular rappers, one must beat the competition and be bold enough to stand out from the rest. Scotty Huss has done just that. The rap music he lets out is sick and gets his audience on their feet. His electrifying mode of delivery and subtle lyrics make him different and unique from everyone else in the industry.

Starting small in Port Charlotte, Scotty Huss has worked with top-rated artists in the game, including Smoke Purpp, Primo, and Tory Lanez, making him, directly and indirectly, a part of many viral hits and hot billboard chart songs. Since his quest for a music venture two years ago, Scotty is very well aware of making an insane banger that the public will enjoy to the core. He delivers on the knowledge each time he lands in the studio to develop a new project.

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