Blvd Bizz is going Viral after being featured on Robin Banks “Downfall”

Blvd Bizz whose real name is Liibaan Yusuf is a 25-year-old rapper from Toronto, Canada. His name originated from Ardwick Blvd the area where he grew up and Bizz was a childhood name so he merged them together to create his stage name. His passion for music began when he was a teen, he recorded music but never released his songs. In 2019 Robin Banks, one of the first Toronto underground rappers to achieve major success reached out to Blvd Bizz to bless his song “Downfall” with other popular Toronto rappers. The rapper instantly agreed and fast forward to today the video has nearly 1 million views on youtube. 

Since this collaboration Blvd Bizz has been going viral in Toronto for his own releases and he does not plan to slow down anytime soon. Aside from releasing his own music and popular collaborations, Bizz started his independent label called Blvd “MGMT” which he started with friends and family. He quickly became a household name in the Toronto rap scene and plans on taking his newfound fame internationally in 2022. He believes his music is relatable and this makes him stand out from the competitors he also believes he’s in competition with himself so no one else matters when it comes to music. Blvd Bizz is excited about all the projects he is about to release in 2022.

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Check out the video for “Downfall”

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