YB shares focused single “PRAYING HANDS”

YB has shared a new single called “PRAYING HANDS”. Coming off an unstoppable late 2022, he blazed forth into 2023 with singles such as “PLAY FOR KEEPS” and “JUDAS”, and now he returns with a refreshing heater in “PRAYING HANDS”. On the single, expansive synths drift atop hard-hitting cathartic drums, creating a solid foundation for YB’s passionate flows. He packs his verses with inspirational lyricism, captivating the listener with his uplifting message laced into sleek flows. “PRAYING HANDS” is a strong track overall that shows that YB is a voice within the Christian hip-hop community to be listened to.

“PRAYING HANDS” might be YB’s most poised track yet, with poignant sonics and engaging flows that keep the listener on their toes throughout. He sounds confident yet at ease on the mic, while maintaining the hunger that makes his music so captivating. Give “PRAYING HANDS” a listen below and connect with YB for more.

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