On the deluxe version of “Project Mayhem” entitled “Fight Club”, Jxylen expresses deep sorrow through angry punchlines and poignant discussions about issues surrounding himself and the world around him. 

While the original “Project Mayhem” focused on understanding loneliness and fighting with his worst urges, “Fight Club” edition dives deeper into the more paranoid and violent parts of Jxylen  on the new four tracks included. Surprisingly, each of the four tracks are quite different from each other though they share some obvious themes and content. Jxylen does this by varying the instrumentals, the use of his voice, and including features only on the final track. The differing sense of feeling captures a much needed variance that wasn’t found on the original “Project Mayhem ” and adds a sense of wholeness while developing Jxylen’s character. 

Tracks “Still Tired” and “Alive” both tend to contradict each other but serve the theme of Jxylen dealing with multiple personalities, much like the aforementioned movie the project takes its name from. On “Alive” Jxylen runs through the topic of his aspirations, he has a lot to do and a lot to prove. Creating music that is “timeless” seems to be his ultimate reason for existing, even through all the trauma and pain, there is plenty of reason to live when Jxylen has a purpose to create. “Still Tired” on the other hand is full of self loathing and violence. The demented and otherworldy instrumental tends to heighten the lyrical content as Jxylen glides across the piercing guitar and heavy lingering bassline. Disgust with both his own anger, “I’m still pissed there’s so much going on inside” and people in his life is the reason he gives as to why there’s more to be developed on “Project Mayhem.”

“God Bless America”, the standout track, has a tremendous stringline playing under Jxlyen’s critique of America, the fake dreams it offers, the violent environments its leaders create purposefully, and America’s inability to fix these problems. The lines “This America, no freedom by our sides… I reside in this hell where I’m just fighting for my life” spit over the enduring and beautiful instrumental create an interesting juxtaposition for the audience, one where darkness is birthed from glory, and glory is the mask of this darkness. 

“SKT 3” ends the album with a grimey, east coast tone that captures the America Jxylen lives in. Drug dealing, gun violence, the bold chase for money in a world of vice, are captured vividly by each rapper dealing with the internal trauma and stress of being in constant competition morning to night with the rest of the city. Subtly, the track reveals the horrors of being in the streets, and what kind of person you have to be to survive, and hopefully make it further than just that life. It’s a poignant reflection on the previous tracks as it gives the clearest example of what life is like for Jxylen and the people he grew up with.


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