Trapanese to Release New Single “Pop That”

Recording Artist From Los Angeles California Chanda Tresvant aka Trapanese Releases the cover Art to her New single coming out this month in June Called “Pop That” sources say that it’s going to take over 2024!!! Chanda Tresvant aka Trapanese was born in Los Angeles Ca to mother Donna Tresvant and Father Derek Tresvant ! Chanda Tresvant has a fraternal Twin sister ! 1 older sister and a younger brother who is all by the same mother and father !!! Growing up her and her sisters will sing together as a group !!! Like a trio !! And people were amazed !!

Growing up Chanda (Trapanese and her twin sister attended a performing arts elementary school and middle school !!! They both will participate in the elementary school plays !!!! And both played instruments Chanda (Trapanese played the trumpet !! In orchestra !!! And the teacher told her usually Females don’t play the Trumpet it’s only males people knew she was different than !! In Middle school for the 8th grade talent show (Trapanese sang Whitney Houston “Greatest Love of All” and everyone was impressed !!!!!!! In High school Chanda (Trapanese took acting classes with Todd Bridges Mother “Betty Bridges” Every Saturday !!!!! Up until Betty Retired !!! When Chanda aka Trapanese graduated High school She Received a email That was attached to her instagram asking her to be in a Rapper video !! She thought it was a scam !!! But that’s what started it all For Her !! The Rapper name was “Father” !!! Who was from Atlanta and the video was called “Everybody in the club get shot” it premiered on MTV and everyone recognized her from it !!!!


Every since than Chanda Tresvant aka Trapanese !!! Started receiving Emails from People asking her to be in there video because directors and the artist loved her look !!! Chanda Tresvant appeared in Nipsey Hussle ,Neyo, Young Dolph, King Reefa ,Ty Robinson ,Decadez ,Yg ,and exc…. ! In 2017 Chanda aka Trapanese Decided to release music of her own her first single was “Why They Actin” which shows her versatile sound mixed with singing and rapping !!! Which is very different for a west coast Artist !!! Chanda Tresvant aka Trapanese in 2019 started runway modeling !! And that was the start of that !!! Chanda Tresvant aka Trapanese ! In 2020 went viral for Dating the actor “Taye Diggs! Because of the age difference !!! Fast forward to 2024 Chanda (Trapanese is Coming strong !!! Be on the lookout !!!


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