heynota Talk Crimson’ EP and Musical Ambition

The city of Los Angeles is often regarded as a fertile ground for new ideas and cutting-edge innovation in the music industry. One band in particular has been making waves in the City of Angels’ thriving music industry with their unique sound and engaging live shows. On July 28th, heynota—a five-piece Alternative Pop band fronted by a powerful female vocalist—will release their highly anticipated EP, titled “Crimson.”


When the members of heynota happened to meet in the vast city of Los Angeles, the band’s journey officially began. Heynota is unlike any other group of their time because of the harmonious synthesis of musical styles that resulted from the members’ varied experiences and inspirations. Emma Reyes sings lead for the band, which also features Lucas Thompson and Mitch Evans on guitars, Max Carter on bass, and Chad Ramirez on drums.


They met by chance but quickly discovered they had a lot in common. For some time, Emma Reyes had been touring as a solo performer, captivating audiences with her heartfelt songs. Both talented guitarists, Lucas Thompson and Mia Evans had been working together on different projects and were in search of a singer who could give their songs new life. Max Carter, a flexible bassist with a good sense of melody, and Sophia Ramirez, an accomplished drummer, filled in the gaps to make the band whole.


As heynota began developing their signature sound, the band’s various inspirations merged into a coherent whole, yielding an amalgam of Alternative Pop, indie, electronic, and rock. heynota has able to carve out their own unique place in the business by drawing inspiration from acts like HAIM, Lorde, Florence + The Machine, and The 1975.


The new EP from the band is called “Crimson,” and it delves into the human experience with songs on love, sorrow, and finding oneself. The title tune “Crimson” is an aural invitation into the introspective world of heynota, with its eerie melodies and moving lyrics. With their trademark blend of shimmering synths, irresistible tunes, and strong vocals, the band creates a musical world on the EP that encapsulates the rollercoaster of emotions we all experience.


By faithfully recreating the depth of their recorded work and injecting it with an infectious intensity that ignites the stage, heynota’s live performances are a transcendental experience. Emma Reyes’s voice stirs the listener’s soul, while the rest of the band weaves a complex web of music that envelops the audience in a hypnotic embrace.


Heynota plans to further establish themselves as one of LA’s most promising up-and-coming groups with the release of their ‘Crimson’ EP on July 28. They stand out from the pack because of the time and effort they put into perfecting their craft and because of the emotional depth of the music they create. As they prepare to debut their new music, heynota is primed to impress listeners with their captivating live shows and make a lasting impact on the Alternative Pop scene.


Heynota personifies the innovative energy of the Los Angeles music scene. Their ‘Crimson’ EP, with its distinctive blend of Alternative Pop and insightful lyrics, is destined to shine a light on the industry. Save the day of July 28 because that’s when the magical sounds of heynota will be shared with the world.

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