James Roan & Richy B “Elements of Life” Album Artwork Revealed!

What an amazing time to be apart of Hip-Hop! It feels good from an artist to consumer stand point with direct contact and updates from the artists directly. James Roan and Richy B out of Miami, Florida are controlling their own narratives making music and content the people and the fans can enjoy. Their joint album “Elements of Life” album is coming soon and they want to wow everyone with their effort on the project. Everything from the music, the lyrics, production, visuals and even the album artwork will not disappoint!

They both feel most of the music nowadays in the 2020’s sound similar, that being said the duo states that they want to “change the game” with this album. Around 12-13 songs will be featured with each bringing a different emotion, sound and story. They want to announce and reveal the album artwork exclusively with us today!

The cover art shows outer space, with planet earth glowing bright in the top right hand corner. With that, is the “Elements of Life” title in the middle formed by glowing stars to emphasize the importance of the title. James says “We are all stars in our own right, this record represents all of us”. Additionally, there are two silhouettes (a man and a woman) hanging from the Elements of Life letters. The group gives us insight on the silhouettes stating “They symbolize all of us wanting to make the best out of life, hanging on for as long as we can”. Lastly, towards the top left corner there’s the Orion Star Constellation, which represents the duo hunting for success and fighting for what’s right in our lifetime. The artwork, concept and design was handled by Jasmine Collington.

We are excited for James and Rich to see what the future holds for them. With music like this, it’s extremely hard for it not to make headlines at some point. The sound of this album has natural instruments, great production, intricate lyrics and features from ChrisTwoSixty, as well as singing and harmonies from both James and Michaela Springs. We strongly believe that can make some changes and impact on everyone shall it get the right push behind it!

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