Kadiz – Moon Child

You’d think being a musician in 2022 would be easy with all the technology artist have access to. Truth of the matter is, it’s more difficult now than ever before. Being an artist takes sacrifice, commitment, and hard work. “Urban” music more specifically, hip hop is a genre of art that reflects particularly, real-life community-based struggles for a specific group of people (the have-nots.) Additionally, I’m from a city not particularly known AT ALL for contributing to the culture of hip hop, so against all odds, no real guarantees, just the love for the music, you get Kadiz, aka Fresh Wes aka “The Heart of the City.”

Born and Raised in Columbus, OH, however, attributing my name sake from the city of my late grandmother (Cadiz, Ohio.) I’ve been singing and rapping (publicly) since the tender age of seven in church and community choirs. Shortly after that, I began to perform in local talent shows, with varies groups, never winning, not even once, lol. I picked up playing the piano and other instruments at Fort Hayes (career center) around sixteen years old, which added another dimension to my gift and performance, captivating audiences ever since. I pull inspiration from virtually anywhere, However, listening to artist like Jay-Z, Tupac, Nas, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Dr Dre etc. Really gets the creative juices flowing. For me, the goal is always to provide heartfelt lyrics put together over a variety of soulful sounding production, a combination that I like to refer to as “Street Soul.”

The first “real’ project I released, was released through an indie based company named Deka Records, the project was called “Suitcase of Memories” it was released mid-2010, and since then I’ve been releasing music on a regular bases, notably my personal favorite released in 2020, “Pieces of my Soul” up until that point, my life had me far out in the deep, because of that, “Pieces” turned out to be my most honest piece of work to date. On the business side of things, I’ve been building both a viral and organic fanbase across all social media, through hard work and paid promotions. The thing that makes me most proud is my resilience, there’s no promises in this business so you really have to love it to keep going. 

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