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PSL and Esco 4TK Unite for High-Energy EP ‘In Da City’

Canadian music artist PSL and Colombian rapper Esco 4TK have teamed up to bring fans a new EP titled “In Da City”. The EP, set to release on May 5th on all streaming platforms, is a collaborative project inspired by the energy and vibes of living in the city.

The creative process behind the project was unique, with the two artists meeting by chance at the Toronto airport. After striking up a conversation about music, they decided to collaborate and record together. Esco 4TK, a young 18-year-old Colombian rapper based in Canada, caught PSL’s attention with his talent and bilingual abilities. He has been making music since 2020, with his first song on SoundCloud gaining popularity quickly.

Together, the duo recorded six songs in PSL’s studio, which resulted in the EP “In Da City”. The project is full of high-energy tracks that capture the essence of urban living. Both artists bring their own unique style to the project, creating a sound that is fresh and exciting.

Looking to the future, Esco 4TK has plans to release his own album soon, while PSL is excited to collaborate with more artists in the future. With their talent and work ethic, it’s clear that both artists have a bright future ahead.

Fans can follow PSL and Esco 4TK on Instagram to stay updated on their music and upcoming releases. “In Da City” is set to be a must-listen for fans of urban music, so be sure to check it out when it drops on May 5th.

You can Follow PSL & Esco 4TK on Instagram @pslwave @esco_4tk

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