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Lil Yase and His Estate Lead with ‘Forever 600’

Raved rhymer Lil Yase grew up in Sunnydale, a tougher industrial neighborhood outside of San Francisco that housed the city’s largest housing project. Despite his upbringing, Lil Yase had a passion for music and began to explore it at a young age. As a result, when he was 15, he began filming videos of his records on a borrowed iPad, and his music career took off from there.

When stepping into the spotlight, Lil Yase had already had a huge effect on the rap scene at the time of his untimely passing in November of 2020. In fact, he was noted for his signature style and high-energy performances. Nonetheless, he was still a force to be reckoned with. With a flourishing fan base that valued his contributions to the genre. Though his death was unfortunate, his estate is now working to guarantee that his legacy lives on by releasing previously unpublished recordings.

Lil Yase’s estate constructed a strategic collaboration with M1 Promotions in 2022 to distribute previously unheard and unseen material. Allowing fans to appreciate both the breadth and depth of Lil Yase’s artistry. This collaboration wanted to assure that his influence on the rap culture would be lasting and that his unreleased material would reach a wider audience. With that being said, his most recent project proves this. Forever 600, a collection of never-before-heard tracks, demonstrates Lil Yase’s diversity and artistic progress. The posthumous release is a melancholy reminder of the talent that was unfortunately cut short yet remained popular with fans.

It’s Forever 600 for Lil Yase

Young Kez, Say So, Hatii Babii, Tazizmainey, Robb Mack, and Nemz all make appearances on the project, which was released on November 28th. In addition to being produced by a bevy of notable producers. Such as Sam Scarfo, Saul, Jay Ballin, Cyprus, SBSchmack, and SmackBeatz. The highly anticipated praised release can stir the musical masses from start to finish. Furthermore, Lil Yase’s unreleased material includes a variety of different songs and styles.

Some tracks showcase his signature flow and high-energy performance. While others offer a more introspective and emotional side to his music. Regardless of the style, each track offers a unique insight into Lil Yase’s creative process. Also showcasing the skill and talent that made him such a beloved figure in the rap community. Overall, Lil Yase’s latest offering is a reminder of the impact he had on the rap scene, and it’s a way to ensure that his music continues to be celebrated for years to come! Don’t believe it? Press play on Forever 600 here at Lyric Select. Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments. 


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