Meet Rising Star Madame Ashley

What is a woman to do when she is forced to be a single mom raising 3 kids all alone but still having the faith and belief in herself to continue to be a mom at home and still chase her dreams. Madame Ashley never seemed to have had it easy in her young adult life. Losing the father of her kids to having to raise them all on her own and still find a way to find time for the one thing she loves most, her music. She is such a talented rapper. I truly have not heard anyone as unique! She has her own lane and her own style while still not shying away from showing us she can sing and come up with catchy melodies.

She started releasing music back in 2019 when she dropped her first record “Turnt Up”. It was definitely something different and new for her. To finally be able to get off her chest what she has been building up for so many years. It is very rare that you still find artist who paint pictures with their lyrics such as Madame Ashley. We as consumers have aloud artist to be lazy and get away with mumble rap and literally never talking about anything that helps us build as human beings.

She promise to release more music this summer and even possibly a EP or Album but she is making us wait to find out. I was also told that she has a pretty crazy summer banger being released this summer as well and I cannot wait to hear all of it. She has really grown on me especially seeing how she is a single parent that is making noise in this industry without the help of others. She just reminds me that no matter what, there is no excuses.

Go listen to Madame Ashley on itunes & Spotify, she will make a fan out of you!

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