Cocos Cabaret Top 6 includes N Pose

You’ve seen “America’s Got Talent”, you’ve heard of “American Idol”, well Mike Epps new Detroit Showroom brings you “Cocos Cabaret Talent Competition “.

One Mike, a comedy and music showroom has taken downtown Detroit to another level.

Each night has its own identity, host, and specials. Legendary Detroit comedian CoCo plays an essential part in hosting One Mike’s 1st live Reality Show, Cocos Cabaret.

Auditions lined up with almost 60 ppl for 2 different days looking only to cast the top 10.

Of the top 10 competitors Detroit Rapper N Pose has surprisingly stood the test of time.

From live judged voting, streams, and even crowd votes, N Pose has found his way in the 1st season Top 6 Contestants. 2 rappers, a poet, a singer, and 2 comedians remain.

Each week has been has been full of anxiety, but it seems the pressure has made diamonds. New challenges being thrown their way for every episode has been the deciding factor on who stays and who goes.

Not everyone is able to create new material as fast as the next. watching N Pose show up week after week with fresh innovative material has been nothing short of brilliant. My favorite week so far of his run on the show was episode 2 where he remixed a version of The Temptations ” papa was a Rolling stone”.

The crowd sang along and gave a standing ovation. The other acts were equally strong so its a mystery who will take the grand prize. Over $5,000 worth of artist development tools will be used to help the winner reach a higher level. At first it seemed the contest was being dominated by comedians, but singer “Sage” and “N Pose” refused to leave it that way. Detroit music is represented very well and it’s a big chance one of the two will take home the gold.

Since the premier N Pose has taken every challenge with the seriousness it warrants. I can only assume The “NCROWD “, N Pose ‘s unwavering supporter / fan club is pushing for him to not only win but achieve in his music career as a whole.

The next episode will be May 21st 8pm, 1331 Broadway, Detroit, MI. It fills up quickly so get there early. Let’s go Detroit and Let’s go N Pose.

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