$ledge Enlists BigBabyGucci for his Angelic New Single, “No Mistakes”

Harlem, NY- 2021 was a huge year for the NYC artist, $ledge after accumulating over half
a million views on his debut EP, he’s back with a brand new single with BigBabyGucci
entitled, “No Mistakes”. If you’re a fan of Lil Gnar, Robb Bank$ThouxanbanfauniLucki,
Uno The Activist, or Warhol.SS$ledge is a must add to your rotation. Featuring
production from MaxAir, “One Part” highlights the duo’s perfection on the track. “Songs
that can hold true to anyone life always hit differently, to be relatable as an artist doesn’t always come easy and I feel like we nailed that with this. We all want to hold on to what we love and make no mistakes in the process, the standout of the track gotta be the transition of both artist verses.” – $ledge.

Born and raised in Harlem, NY, $ledge has always gravitated to the East Coast music
scene. With deep roots in NYC music and fashion, $ledge has made a name for himself by
co-founding his own label Clearvision entertainment and throwing outrageous shows in
the New York City underground scene. From songs that feel happiness to trap-filled dark
sinister music, we get an interesting look at the many directions the mind takes his music
to. $ledge started his career in the latter half of 2019 by releasing music through
SoundCloud leaks and Instagram snippets. Wanting to make sure his music was ready to
hit the scene hard, it wasn’t until 2020 that $ledge released his first project entitled
“Slimevision2020”. Since then, music videos and singles have helped him build a wave of
supporters. Now, in 2021, $ledge continues to hit the scene hard, now expanding past his
NYC roots. With upcoming collabs from Uno The ActivistMikey Polo, and Slick Pusha,
$ledge plans to stamp his mark on the game.

Check out his latest release titled “No Mistakes” below!

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