MattyKevs Believe The Keys To Success Is Helping Others

Mattykevs whose real name is Matthew Hunter Kevelson is a musician and entrepreneur from Long Island, New York. Inspired by his mom’s love of music and the arts MattyKevs fell in love with music at a tender age. He first explored creatively as a singer/songwriter, but over time expanded his talents, eventually becoming an instrumentalist and producer.

Mattykevs’ mission is to show that a one-man team can still make dreams a reality; but without your fans and community, you are nothing. In order for social media marketing to work, you need a community; otherwise, you are an artist without an audience. Unfortunately, growing an audience is also one of the most difficult tasks for an artist. Not only are you competing with other artists for the attention of your audience, but you’re also up against content from their friends and family. But don’t worry; there’s still hope.

Matt works alongside a cutting-edge entertainment industry & social media marketing company that helps up-and-coming artists conquer their dreams by helping them build an engaged fanbase and get connected to key entertainment industry professionals. Matt goes so far as to personally invest in his team’s success. Working tirelessly to ensure the success of the up and coming artists he works with, he even helps some already popular & established artists & personalities grow their already large audience on social media sites (and even music streaming sites) to be bigger, better, and more engaged.

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