DJ Tomer charts top 20 with hit “All We Need”

Prestigious new hit “All We Need” by DJ Tomer & Ricardo started ranking on the top 20 Beatport charts. An electrifying composition of immersive sounds, mysterious vocals Collaboration with Jordan Arts and fascinating piano melodies. A unique showcasing of traditional percussion patterns within modern house music is compelling listeners around the world.

“All We Need” by DJ Tomer & Ricardo Ft Jordan Arts is now ranking on the top 20 Beatport charts. The wide range of sounds and styles contribute to its success. Tomer and Ricardo started producing Afro house in 2019, creating an intricately layered profound sound. In ‘All We Need’ the focus is mainly on its enveloping tone, but even still the powerful piano and Jordan’s captivating vocals add to the immersive record.

With an illustrious roster of talent ‘All We Need’ has quickly become a hit. With production that invokes almost a trance like state, this record is a melodic masterpiece. As pioneers of modern music, Tomer and Ricardo have created a perfect blend of mainstream house and Afro roots.

DJ Tomer is a DJ/Producer from New York City. Within the industry for 22 years, he has worked with top artists, toured globally, and worked with the best labels in the dance music industry. In his recent success “All We Need” is ranking top 20 on Beatport charts. We can look forward to an 8-10 new song upcoming album in his newest endeavors.

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