Gun Lee is in his own lane on “The Things You Love”

NYC’s Gun Lee returns with his sophomore studio album “The Things You Love”. The self-proclaimed Lord’s # 1 Soldier provides us with an amazing body of work from front to back. GJP is definitely in his pocket on this album, providing listeners with bars they gotta listen back twice to catch. Gunz isn’t trying to make you dance he’s trying to make you listen, in a modern hip-hop game where lyrics seem to be on the back burner, Gun Lee keeps the essence of Hip Hop alive focusing on lyricism first and foremost. The lyricism is nothing too new to Gunz as he once rapped 50,000 bars he has shown hip-hop heads time and time again he is here to stay. Lil Gun Gun provides us with 9 timeless records that could be appreciated at different moments in our lives. “Don’t change your number on me things already changed so what are we gonna be” Gun Lee raps on the Sophie Said assisted “Never Found Love” We see how Gun Lee can play with the words in a way only he can while still being transparent and open. “The Things You Love” is a body of work each Hip-Hop fan should listen to.

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