Making Moves From Behind Bars: Tyg3x

Occasionally, a star rises from unexpected quarters to rule the music industry, reestablishing the universal appeal of music. This time, it’s TyG3x (pronounced Tygee three times), a rapper hailing from Griffin, Georgia, who’s been captivating our attention with his extraordinary musical voyage.

TyG3x, whose birthday falls on May 22, 1995, initially embraced music as a means of self-expression, an emotional release. As he recognized his innate ability, he began to consider it more than a hobby, propelling him to new heights in the rap landscape. Despite being a newcomer in the music world, TyG3x’s raw and impassioned verses have already started echoing in listeners’ hearts.

What sets TyG3x apart is his brutally honest approach to music. In a time when many artists prioritize publicity stunts and social media prominence, TyG3x breaks the mold with his relentless dedication to authenticity. His tracks, inspired by his distinctive insights from behind bars, shed light on a rarely depicted reality within the rap realm.

TyG3x’s journey so far boasts several notable achievements, including gaining recognition on mainstream platforms and seeing a consistent growth in audience and followers—a clear sign that his music is resonating with people. He remains devoted to his craft, aspiring that his dedication will eventually be rewarded with nominations and awards.

His advice to budding musicians mirrors his own music’s genuine nature: “Remain true to yourself, be consistent, and invest in yourself. Plenty of music goes unheard due to insufficient or no marketing.”

His recent track, “Double My Cup,” featuring El Trillio, holds a cherished spot in TyG3x’s repertoire. Despite being crafted within the confines of prison, the song embodies a desire for fun and creativity. Released on July 11, 2023, it captures TyG3x’s ideal rhythm of creating compelling music. The intense lyrics, including “If they see what happen they telling,” and El Trillio’s verse, “I pop a perc, that’s the only thing work when you been hurt,” underline the authenticity of TyG3x’s wordplay.

The self-composed track encapsulates TyG3x’s musical identity and his tenacity in surmounting challenges to produce music that resonates with his audience. The song holds immense importance for him, symbolizing not only his personal joy in the creative process, but also its success as a chart-topper.

TyG3x’s ultimate collaboration would be with the legendary rapper Gucci Mane, reflecting his affinity for collaborating with artists like Yb, Moneyman, and Lil Baby. Despite recording hurdles, TyG3x’s resolve and fervor shine through, reflecting his ethos, “Hard work pays off.”

His work manifests his will to create top-tier music, despite his circumstances. With his own resources, TyG3x financed his entire project, demonstrating his commitment and conviction in his talent.

For those interested in delving into the raw, emotional stories of TyG3x, his music is accessible across multiple platforms (with his latest release available on YouTube). You can also follow his journey on Instagram at @Iamtyg3x. Representing the underrepresented and articulating the voiceless, TyG3x is an artist to keep an eye on in the rap scene. Keep your ears open for more from this rising artist as he continues to chart his course in the music industry from a distinct perspective.

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