Choy Releases New Single “Running in Circles”

Choy, is a captivating Caribbean-American recording artist that was born and raised in Brooklyn, then Long Island, New York. His Trinidadian culture deeply influenced his upbringing and musical journey.  Calypso music in particular is known for its rich form of storytelling blended with a colorful rhythm that gets artists to share their message in a way that deeply resonates with their audience. Choy’s melodies may differ from Calypso but his use of lyrics still has impactful storytelling power.

From an early age, Choy found himself actively singing as he joined Glee club and theatre in high school and college. This early training cultivated his vocal talents and laid the foundation for the type of storytelling his lyrics currently showcase in every track in his debut EP entitled “Enough.”

Just like Calypso’s storytelling style, the dramatic elements of the theatre found their way into Choy’s  music, adding a refreshing uniqueness to his already dynamic sound. Inspired by legendary artists such as Donny Hathaway, Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross, Choy honed his craft, drawing from the incomparable artistry of these icons to create his own unique musical expression.

In 2022, Choy took a step beyond music and penned his first book titled “Boldly Bound: An Action Journal for Self-Love & Body Confidence.” This inspiring work delves into the realms of self-care and body confidence, aiming to empower individuals to embrace their bodies and foster a loving relationship with themselves. The topics within his action journal, of course, seamlessly blended into his EP.

Set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2023, “Enough” is the project that Choy credits as an integral part of his healing journey and he hopes his listeners will benefit and heal with it in their own way.  Through his music, he seeks to convey the powerful notion that each individual is enough, worthy and imperfectly perfect, encompassing the power in both their shadows and their light.

Each track on his EP was crafted with meticulous care, showcasing a diverse range of sounds and emotions. It is a testament to his artistry that every song stands apart, offering a glimpse into different facets of Choy’s creative soul. One particular song, “Learning to Cry,” which took over a year and a half to complete, holds special significance, as it required the courage to confront and accept unfinished business from his past.

“Running in Circles,”’ the first single off of his debut EP, captures the essence of emotional turmoil and the hurtful and lonely existence of feeling lost. The heartfelt track resonates with anyone who has lost the understanding of who they were and had to fight to find their way out of that darkness to see the power existing in their light.

Choy is an artist that leaves a lasting impact on his audience. The truth he shares in his music offers a genuine and relatable experience that leaves hearts moved and souls touched.

As he continues to create soulful music and inspire positivity, Choy invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey that celebrates the beauty of individuality and the power of music to heal and unite.

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