HAZPAIN – “To Hot To Handle”

In the quiet embrace of New Year’s Eve, under the star-studded sky, HAZPAIN embarked on a sonic journey that would give birth to the fiery anthem, “To Hot To Handle.” Crafted around 10 pm, by the tranquil waters of the lake, this track is more than a composition; it’s a testament to the artist’s resilience and determination.

At its core, “To Hot To Handle” is a musical rebellion against the drama that often surrounds us. It speaks of the challenge of staying true to oneself in the face of demotivators, those who attempt to blow out our inner candles with their negativity and lack of inspiration. Metaphorically, it’s a declaration of independence from the constant hum of gossip and the presence of those who thrive on scandal.

The orchestrated brilliance of HAZPAIN blends seamlessly with the instrumental artistry of Sanjay. Together, they construct a sonic landscape that mirrors the artist’s internal struggles and triumphs. This track is not merely a song; it’s a chapter in HAZPAIN’s EP, “Gone Inside The Light,” a collection that delves into the delicate balance between light and darkness, showcasing their intertwined existence.

“To Hot To Handle” isn’t just a musical piece; it’s a philosophical exploration of duality. The song invites listeners to make peace with both the darkness and the light, acknowledging that they are intertwined and essential to each other. It’s a reminder to navigate life’s complexities without getting consumed by either extreme.

One distinctive aspect of HAZPAIN’s artistic process is the decision to create on a mobile phone. Far from a high-tech studio, this choice is intentional—a deliberate act of showcasing that raw, unfiltered creativity is the driving force behind meaningful art. The song isn’t just a part of an EP; it’s a proclamation that changing the world doesn’t require fancy equipment or a record label. It only demands the purity of self-expression.

In a world often obsessed with perfection, HAZPAIN’s message is clear—rawness and authenticity can be revolutionary. The simplicity of a phone recording becomes a tool for change, a medium through which the artist intends to leave an indelible mark on the world. The song isn’t just about being “To Hot To Handle”; it’s about being too authentic to be contained.

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