iso – “ECCE”

ECCE drops this January 21st to set the standard and raise the bar for Rap in 2023. A master-class on verbal finesse and next-level poetic wisdom in action, iso’s ECCE spans fourteen cuts built of pure fire that are guaranteed to blaze up speakers track after track with gripping new material that’s every bit as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. Full confirmation and proof to the world that his hybrid vibes are light years beyond any others in the game today, ECCE is a bold statement record that reveals iso at the heights of his craft while also providing the blueprint for his pathway forward as he takes over playlists found all across the world.

From jazzy beats to his respect shown to the old-school, to the surprisingly artistic twists & dimensional depth he put into his new lineup of songs, to the wildly modern-day sound & insightful attitude that has iso’s music not just relevant but completely setting the trends for the rest to follow – ECCE boldly shows that he’s a man unafraid to say exactly what he wants to say, exactly how he wants to say it, at all times. Through bulletproof bars built stronger than steel, to beats & hooks that are as addictive as music could ever be, iso’s ECCE is memorable from start to finish, packing in the weight syllable for syllable & pound for pound. The kind of record that will be talked about for years to come, ECCE doesn’t just reveal how far iso has come as the artist he is today, it confirms his X-factors are significantly ahead of the industry.



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