Giles Recognizes the Grind in New Single “Grinders and Hustlers”

With music being a key inspiration to emotion and emotion being a key influence to our decision making, it’s no wonder that artists use it as a tool to influence audiences. Rising artist Giles has continuously used his artistry as a positive influence on the masses. His new single “Grinders and Hustlers” gives listeners that feel-good empowering sensation akin to that of the late great Nipsey Hussle’s body of work. “I wanted to create a different take on grinding and hustling,” says Giles. “We should also use those words to honor people who work hard on their regular jobs. They’re the ones that kept society going during the pandemic.” 

While non-traditional “boss culture” has gained popularity, the traditional “regular” jobs that Giles speaks of are what preserved society’s functionality during the worst parts of the pandemic. “Thank you for your service,” became a phrase for store clerks, health care workers, and emergency responders. Giles shows appreciation to the grind in all its forms. Be it a blue collar job, a college student, a white collar job, or someone building with a minimum wage job, he recognizes the value of hard work in this “hood anthem” as described by All Hip Hop

This makes him stand out as an artist – it’s the prioritization of making music that can have a direct positive influence in the lives of his listeners. His chart-topping previous single “Alive” holds a similar motive. “We are all survivors, we’ve all seen battle at this point, and those of us lucky enough to still be here should be celebrated as such.” says Giles as he touches on the single. Giles’ first single “Alive” manifests this mission and has climbed to #1. According to the official Digital Radio Tracker, “Alive”  is currently cemented at #1 on the independent top 150 chart, #9 on the Hip Hop and R&B top 50 chart, and #57 on the global top 200 chart.


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