Yung Hen – “Old McDonald”

The music I make now is so different now. I have improved in almost every way possible since I my first song. I would say the biggest improvement is the quality. When I started going to studios my sound instantly got better.

I first started memorizing other rap songs, then in high school began writing my own raps. I was inspired by eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye west early on. I recorded my first song on a usb mic in my first year of college, and the rest is history.

I currently am at the point where I have made the most progress in my career. I have obtained over 200k streams on all platforms, and grow daily.

My most recent song, “Old McDonald” dropped on JULY 8th. It’s an energetic song, that is a remix of a childrens nursery rhyme. I also am making a song with shootergang kony and Daboii.


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