The Buzzworthy Project Get Signed

NGH Records Looking to sign new Artist 75k to 1 million advance do to buzzworthy projects what is the buzz worthy project. We begin saying you make music but breaking records take time money all we here invest make steps wait your turn and get on but you been waiting a while so NGH Records is beginning a series of compilation with various artist before getting signed opening doors for radio promo tours etc. well starting from ground up is hard let NGH build your single before to get you in the presence of NGH Records to submit compilation in volume do to demand will cost you 35$ for 3 song submission photo bio links to your music sites you will be giving in introductory phase to Spotify apple tidal I heart NGH Records Will Do the digital Marketing Campaign to get you signed to NGH Record or any Major record label of choice universal Music Warner bros Record etc capitol Sony Ngh Records now in conjuncture to big bang we need payments sent only to PayPal [email protected] all submission reviewed and every serious artist be placed depend on volumes of submission and unlimited distribution we drop from once a week to once a month NGH Records do the rest marketing promotion. If signed by NGH Records get a touring deal with livenation or vivid seats 50k radio credit plus 75k or 1 mill advance other majors have on occurrence but can send you they way all 3 songs submission will needed to be sent to [email protected]


PayPal: [email protected]

Submission afterwards to [email protected] submission email


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