Cult5ive Releases Highly Anticipated Single “PILLOW TALK”

Cult5ive is a rising artist from Calgary AB who makes Punk GrungeRock, Rap, BoomBap & EDM music. The talented artist impresses with his latest offering titled “PILLOW TALK”. Cult5ive says, “it’s one of my first songs I’ve ever made & the song is a written freestyle; The song was made revolving around the idea of dating culture now in the time of people who have a wider access to dating apps & the idea of hookup culture & how this song is a play on the idea of (“pillow talking”) between men and women. The song is a representation of the opposite of that from my perspective & things I would rather revolve around in a style that would be described as expressing interests to someone, how instead of it being a sweet loving song, slow & mellow, it’s more up beat and energetic carrying topics that would t be otherwise expressed to someone when (“pillow talking”)”

“PILLOW TALK” is a written freestyle, while the majority of Cult5ive’s music is off the top of his head or in an instant freestyle. The artist also has a handful that are written freestyles/ poetry, and, or on the spot ideas he came up with that represented something meaningful to him at the time. Check out “PILLOW TALK” out now and follow Cult5ive on social media for his latest releases.








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