Benni Draco Releases Long Awaited Album “B.Santana”

Benni Draco is a very versatile and talented artist from Houston, Texas. Inspired by many around him, he began making music through his thoughts and feelings. This artist is more than into just making music, as he also models and is trying to start his own business. It’s musicians like this that blow up and don’t look back.

Benni Draco released his most recent album “B. Santana” featuring a new vibe and tone in the hiphop scene. With flow and rhythm sounding like a mixture of SoFaygo, Ken Carson, and others, he puts his own style and vocals into it, and pleases the listener. With thousands of fans checking his music out, he continues to grow and release new music. His most recent album has acquired thousands of streams on music platforms, and we know why. Benni has much better vibrant vocals than these mainstream musicians, and he sure is to be at top of the industry.

With many plans for his future, he wants to make music his top career and excel others. Most people give up when they don’t succeed, but Benni Draco is different. Dropping more tapes and albums soon, Benni is on the radar and just waiting to strike. Follow Benni on Instagram below:


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