LilBeefRoast Releases Debut Single “slowDOWN”

Lilbeefroast releases his most recent single “slowDOWN” and he created a vibe and calming sound with this single. With his unique sound and flow, Lilbeefroast changed the rap game with this new single. From the SuicideBoys to Fat Nick, this rapper has learned to take the love he has for his favorite artists and make it his own.

Lilbeefroast has always had a love for music and especially wanted to do it as his career. He’s wanted to have a great financial benefit from music, and earn lots of fans working on what he loves. Performing and meeting some of his music idols is a dream, and it looks like Lilbeefroast may accomplish that soon.

With his fanbase and music only growing, he’s reaching more listeners than ever, and will break the charts with his upcoming singles and EP this year. Lilbeefroast only improves each release and wants to make the next better than the last. Follow him on instagram to stay up to date with his journey in the industry.


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