AceLover The Style Gawd – “LoFi Tape 2023”


AceLover The Style Gawds latest project is an album of AceLover classics remixed in LoFi Extra Chill style. AceLover got together with some of the best Lofi producers from around the world to remix some of AceLover The Style Gawds most iconic records of the last decade.

Lofi music is excellent for college and high school students to study to.

Lo-Fi music has amazing effects, it helps put your brain in optimum study mode, set the tone for even greater concentration, focus & well being. Students are getting high marks from students across the globe, it has positive effects on helping them bring their A Game when it comes to reducing stress, increasing focus and keeping them relaxed while studying. Lo-Fi music helps the front lobe in our brain to focus – those flaws or lo hums can also put the brain in the mindset to focus.

Low-fidelity music or lo-fi music , is music recorded with intentional imperfections, such as misplayed notes, environmental noise, low hum, or phonographic audio imperfections.

                                            Ace Lover The Style Gawd Bio

AceLover The Style Gawd is a highly respected successful historically significant Hip Hop/musical Recording artist, soulful producer & a very well known graffiti/contemporary artist from New York City.

As a recording artist, “AceLover The Style Gawd”,  his wits has been compared to some of the greats. He has a very unique style and is known as a musicians musician.

As a music producer , Style Gawd can hold his own as well. From chopping breaks and samples on the MPC1000 for more traditional Hip Hop records to full on 10-12 piece musical instrument ensembles for more complex arrangements & intricate composing on a higher expert level for other productions.

Ace Lovers fame and notoriety from doing graffiti in the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & the Bronx have made him legendary on the art scene which enabled art gallery curators to charge breath taking amounts of money for “Ace Lover” oil paintings. To own an “Ace Lover” painting became the thing amongst wealthy elite art collectors.

In the fashion world he has created so many trends in the street wear scene even inspiring many of the loyal Ace Lover fans which then inspired the main stream to start following and emulating AceLovers fashion styles template. Mixing different vintage pieces from different eras to create his own instinctive style of dressing.

Ace Lover has accomplished so much throughout his life as an artist & continues to create , getting even better and better as time goes by. A very well rounded artist with much to offer.

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You can stream the new AceLover The Style Gawd Lo-Fi Remix album on Youtube.


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