Hatter and Saffa Ghorishi share engaging offering “Careful” [Video]

Brighton artist Hatter has shared a new video for his song “Careful”, produced by Saffa Ghorishi. A trailblazer in Brighton’s hip-hop scene, and always testing the limits as to what he can create within the rap domain- Hatter is a potent lyricist and experimental producer whose charismatic energy lights up when taking to the stage. London-born and Brighton-based, Hatter’s play on words, memorable hooks, and versatile production make him an artist paving his own lane. His latest release “Careful” continues his run of diverse joints that are captivating in their conceptuality and expressive in their sound, while the new visual directed by Mr. Cheal does well to give the song added cinematic flair, making it an immersive, exciting experience for listeners.

“Careful”’s potent melodies and rich rhythm section create a solid groove beneath Hatter’s deft flows, as he rhymes with a certain charisma that feels equal parts relaxed and commanding. His lyrics are sharply-crafted and his inflections catchy, making his verses easily rewindable. The new video makes references to famous movie scenes (Fight Club, Deer Hunter) and other scenes of danger make for an impressive and humorous video, each scene signifying the song’s message to ‘Be Careful’. It’s a vivid, eclectic video that feels truly cohesive with the track, giving it an extra edge that combines wit with drama for a strong accompaniment. 

The latest from Hatter, “Careful” finds the talented Brighton artist showcasing once again that he is a voice to be paid attention to from the South England city, as he scores atop immaculate production from Ghorishi, alongside a stellar new visual.

Watch the video for “Careful” below.

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