New and Upcoming Hip Hop Artist ALDAMAR Drops New Album “Gfunk Middle East”

ALDAMAR an artist born and raised in Manama, in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is a longtime old-school hip-hop fanatic. He has loved it since a very young age, and that has contributed to his absolute allegiance to the gangsta hip-hop Sound.

His new album Gfunk Middle East was inspired by ALDAMAR’s love for Gfunk era during the 90s also known as the golden age of hiphop when it hit the mainstream. Therefore, his calling is to restore the old-school hip-hop legacy. Doing so all the way from the middle east makes ALDAMAR a courageous, daring artist focused on moving mountains in the genre until he becomes a household name.

Gfunk Middle East is one of many projects he has already released. ALDAMAR writes, produces, and performs his songs all by himself.

The talented artist showcases his lyrical prowess and ability to produce a funky groovy beat. His album Gfunk Middle East is full of joyful energy as he dishes out that funky flavor, fun and genuine hiphop sound.

This album is just the beginning. He already has a mixture of different types of old school hiphop tracks which he has been cooking for a while. If you are an old school hiphop junkie who has a thing for Gfunk sound do check out ALDAMAR’s debut album Gfunk Middle East on the following channels:


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