City Wind Releases His New Single “Go Get It”

CITY WIND, a recent hip-hop sensation, has popped up on the scene and has been making waves in the industry. CITY WIND is a new voice in music with an old-school feel. CITY WIND’s music stands out from the rest, emphasizing lyrical content and delivery. He started by writing poetry, which led him to an organization for poets where he was introduced to a guy who makes beats, but all of his beats were ones you could rap on. CITY WIND took up rapping and began practicing for months until he mastered his craft.

CITY WIND is a hip-hop artist based in Chicago while being born and raised in the West Side of Chicago. He has been performing music since 2018 now, with instrumentalists accompanying him on stage. In addition to being an artist, he is also a songwriter. For a brief while, CITY WIND moved to Alabama to go to high school and dropped out. Afterward, he decided it was time to return home to Chicago, where he started back going to high school and graduated. He started doing music in 2018 and the greatest compliment he has received is that he doesn’t sound like anyone else.

CITY WIND has been working hard to get his music out in the past year. His latest song, “Go Get It,” is a high-energy track with an infectious beat and catchy hook line that will make you want to dance in your seat.

Currently, CITY WIND is working on his business plan for his label company. He has been performing at lounges or open mics while focusing on honing in on what he wants CITY WIND’s sound to be. He is excited about moving forward with getting an LLC license and continuing to improve upon his skills as a musician and songwriter.



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