Valid and Stretch Money shine on “Sentimental”

Valid and Stretch Money have shared a new single called “Sentimental”. This much-anticipated collaboration between the two Detroit mainstays showcases them delivering a genre-bending cut that is as catchy as it is authentic. Showcasing a natural chemistry between them, “Sentimental”‘s sharp songwriting and eclectic sonics help it stand out. Featuring production from Chuck Cross and guest vocals from Kelly Kerr, “Sentimental” sounds chart-ready, while also staying true to the artists’ roots and the Detroit sound.

Vibrant synths build in layers atop a buoyant drum line and rich bass, setting a solid foundation for Valid and Stretch Money’s sleek verses. They handle the beat with ease, transitioning in and out of a chorus from Kerr that feels effortless and stylish. Containing an intriguing 80’s throwback feel while injecting elements of modern hip-hop, “Sentimental”‘s influences transcend genres and eras in a way that is truly engaging.

Take a listen to “Sentimental” below, and connect with Valid and Stretch Money on social media for more.

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