Valid and Stretch Money put on a “Game Film” in new single and video

Ahead of their upcoming LP Bill & Isiah, Detroit veterans Valid and Stretch Money drop off a new single and video for “Game Film”, with co-production shared by platinum credited Grammy-Award winning DJ Head of Shady Records, Grammy-Award winning Anthony Rizzo, and Detroit staple Eddie Logix. Notching the anticipation for their album up to even higher levels, the duo delivers an impeccable drop with “Game Film”, which continues to prove their standing as Detroit veterans and strong wordsmiths. Atop elegant, trap-laced production, they go back and forth in a blazing manner that hooks the listener in and does not let go until the song’s culmination. The video, directed by Jerry Reid, does well to enhance the song’s themes with its retro-style editing and shots, VHS filtering, and nostalgic sports backdrops, while also adding charismatic performances from Valid and Stretch Money.

As far as the song’s inspiration, Valid mentioned to Stretch that an idea came to him for them to do a record referencing classic 80s movie titles, scenes, and phrases. As he was saying it out loud, it came to him instantly that sports team’s study game film. “Stretch, I got it. To stay true to the concept of the album, we watch game film like sports teams do, but our game film is these classic gangsta’ ass 80s flicks.” Stretch saw the picture painted clearly, and the two went to work on top of the Eddie Logix score. The two MCs would end up penning what both would consider some of their proudest works, and a legit ode to the VHS era.

Take a listen to “Game Film” on all platforms and familiarize yourself with Valid and Stretch Money.

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