Trinidadian Recording Artiste Roy Simmons Is Destined For Greatness

Short of shower concerts, Roy Simmons had no musical background. His life plans were very traditional and ‘safe’. However, while earning a degree in Occupational Health and Safety, he couldn’t shake a nagging sense of unfulfillment. The question, “what would you do if money was no object?” appeared again and again. Then, one day, seemingly out of nowhere, the answer found him – music. Six months of vocal training, countless hours in the studio, and three more months of songwriting later, Simmons hit the ground running with his debut single “One Night”.

The independent, contemporary R&B artist gained impressive momentum. In just two short years, three of his singles have joined the vanguard of local R&B circulating Trinidad and Tobago’s airwaves. His lyrics, oscillating between gently romantic and downright sexy, are sung over smooth melodies garnished with soca, dancehall, and hip-hop, paying homage to his vibrant culture and global sensibilities.

Collaborations and live performances also played a role in landing Simmons securely in the mix. In early 2020 he was invited on the Reality Riddim produced by Azaryah (formerly known as Flipo) and concocted the single “You’re Mine”. Simmons has performed at We Love Wednesdays, Tru Talk No Lie, and The Lightbox, all of which feature emerging local artists on the rise.

As Roy Simmons continues to expand and experiment with his art form, listeners can enjoy unique sounds. His August 2020 hit “Real One”, produced by Jay The Illest, combines the cadences of ‘Zess’ with his signature soulful refrains. While his latest 2021 offering “Some More,” in collaboration with BreezyDozIt, slows the pace and introduces a groovy element with its tropical steelpan riffs. Simmons’ first EP is scheduled to be released later this month.

Check out his new video for “Some More”

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