Toronto Artist Ioanna (You-Wa-Na) To Release New Single “Worst Part”

Toronto recording artist Ioanna (pronounced “you-wa-na”) is about to get more vulnerable with her audience, as she takes us through her upcoming release the ‘WORST PART.’ Making its debut to the public on streaming platforms everywhere; OCTOBER 20TH, 2022 – it will be the artists 9th release in the last year and a half of releasing music.

The song punctuates a string of heavy and heartfelt moments that are encompassed through clever lyricism, pop vibes and true heart ache. Though she moves through some pretty heavy moments, we can all relate to an extent in a point and time in our life in different circumstances. 

Showcasing her second solo release ‘Worst Part’ is one of the more personal singles that Ioanna is finally ready to start sharing more of herself with her fanbase and new audience. Getting reactions from strangers – check out Ioanna’s #reelreactions here to see what the people had to say!

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