The Record The Black Community Needs Right Now. By Boosie Badazz And Bri Biase

With all the crazy things going on in the world right now, its safe to say that a PRAYER is needed. Thats exactly what Bri Biase and Boosie Badazz is bringing to us on record with their new release “Dear Heavenly Father”. Opening the song with a prayer, Boosie Badazz gets very personal about his relationship with the police and experiences with different cases. While Bri Biase expresses with deep passion her love for her craft and how hard her journey was on the way up. These two sound absolutely amazing on the song together and we hope to hear more collaborations in the future. One of the lyrics that stood out to us : “I done tried and I tried but now Im giving up, I done put in my time feel like Ive done enough. But, Ima make it through that. I Aint gone quit baby I’m too Cool for that” . rapped by Bri Biase. This is such a great message for all aspiring talent to keep pushing even when things get hard. We cant wait to see this song on Billboard.

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