Suresh Melodies – “Teri Mitti – Stop War, All Lives Matter”


Within Gaza more than 423,000 people have been displaced, with the vast majority unable to flee or reach safety.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate. Israel has announced that they will now lay a complete siege on Gaza and cut food, water and fuel. This represents a grave violation of international law.

No place to go In Gaza, Palestinians have no place to flee to. They live in a besieged, densely populated enclave.

This escalation in violence comes on top of an existing dire humanitarian situation for the 2.2 million people who live in Gaza, a strip of land just 365 km2 in size.

Hospitals are already operating beyond their capacity. There are not enough shelters to host people.

There is a complete power blackout. Water is at dangerously low levels and fuel is a few hours away from running out.

The fighting must stop immediately. The events are going to have long-term humanitarian consequences on Israeli and Palestinian civilians involved.

“The only path towards stability and peace,” says Ana Povrzenic, “is for the international community to finally address the root causes of the conflict including ending the occupation of Palestinian territory.”

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