YB shares deluxe version of engaging album, “Wings of An Angel”

YB has returned once again with the deluxe version of his stellar album WINGS OF AN ANGEL. YB is originally from Pine Bluff, AR, and has been steadily building a catalogue of infectious, powerful hip-hop releases that showcase his sharp lyrical ability and keen sense for engaging songwriting. WINGS OF AN ANGEL [DELUXE] is his latest full-length offering, following up the original album release from earlier this year, and his evocative project GLASS CEILINGS before that. Across his discography, YB shows that he is truly a versatile artist, as he switches between styles and sounds effortlessly and with much grace. WINGS OF AN ANGEL [DELUXE] finds YB at new heights as far as songwriting, and he always provides a message with his music as he speaks of his personal life, faith, and more- remaining inspirational throughout.

The album opens in a triumphant fashion with “hand of God freestyle”, which encapsulates YB’s uplifting, emotive sound. Containing sharply-crafted lyrics atop cathartic, heavy production, “hand of God freestyle” makes for an anthemic listen. Album highlight “butterfly vibes 2” follows next, with bouncy, addictive percussion centred around buoyant 808s and crisp percussion. Overtop the driving instrumental, YB delivers a series of dynamic, infectious rhymes capped off by an ear-worm chorus. Some of our other favorite cuts from the record include the luxurious, sleek “STILL GOING”, which contains impactful songwriting from YB and a sleek, stylish instrumental, and new track “LEBRON FLOW”, which reaches a crescendo of sonic power with its commanding, regal sound.

A focused, vivid offering from YB that provides heavy replay value as well as thought-provoking, relatable content, WINGS OF AN ANGEL (DELUXE) marks another strong release from the Arkansas-bred artist.


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