SAINT KID Releases His Long Awaited Single “Garden”

Music is a way for people to come together and express and share thoughts with each other. SAINT KID does this well by telling stories in each song and allowing his emotions to pour into his music. Raised in New York but currently in Los Angeles to pursue his music, it was a challenge itself.

SAINT KID released “Garden” which is a story about how he felt moving away from his hometown and friends to follow his dreams in music. Most artists fake it or talk about something irrelevant in their music, but SAINT KID used a situation where he felt alone and took advantage of it. “Garden” is an alternative single, although it can be said that it has hints of Folk and Pop in it.

“Garden” is something SAINT KID is proud to put out there for the world to hear. He’s already averaging thousands of streams and fans for his music, and this is just going to allow him to take off even more. He doesn’t mind the reception it gets, believing the right audience will hear it on their own. You can listen to “Garden” below.

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