Mike Wilder and Jake Bass drops off stunning collaborative album ‘D.E.A.P.’ 

Detroit mainstays Jake Bass and Mike Wilder have shared a new collaborative album called ‘D.E.A.P.’, which stands for Detroit Emcees and Producers. A powerful, versatile collection of songs that draws from the best the city has to offer, featuring the likes of Nolan the Ninja, Nastee on Gawd, and more, ‘D.E.A.P.’ makes for a sleek listen and provides heavy replay value from the get-go. Infusing various styles and sounds that give Detroit its character, ‘D.E.A.P.’ is a strong release that hooks the listener in with its dynamic track listing and vivid set of collaborators. 

‘D.E.A.P.’ makes sure there’s never a dull second with a set of songs packed with vitality and variety. The buoyant, vibrant “So Fly” sounds club ready while keeping a sheen of gritty authenticity and an old-school bounce, “Premium 93” is an infectious sound that makes for a silky, catchy blend of hip-hop and R&B. Closer “Who’s Who?”’s darkly brooding sound adds variety to the track listing and closes out the project with strength. 

The latest from Mike Wilder and Jake Bass, ‘D.E.A.P.’ makes for a solid new collaborative LP that finds the artists involved bringing their a-game for a star-studded tracklisting. Wilder, who executive produced this album alongside Jake Bass originally got his start in the industry by co-producing Eminem’s debut album Infinite in 1996. He also co-founded the prolific music company NUKID, LLC alongside Marky Bass. Be sure to check out D.E.A.P. below and further familiarize yourself with some of Detroit’s most talented rappers and producers. Give it a listen below.

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