Pheonix Destined to be a Star

As it becomes easier to release music, we as listeners, are in the most oversaturated era of music. In most cases, fame now has NO correlation to talent. Pheonix is the exception. A business-savvy artist who is just as talented as he is intelligent.

Pheonix has been writing music since July, 2012. Now, 12 years after that first song, Pheonix is presenting his debut studio album. The project is being produced by Pheonix and his long-time studio engineer, Jon Hasz. The pair have been pushing out singles along with a compilation album of older material for the last 10 years.

This debut will be an alternative pop sounding album. Some songs are more intense than others, but all of the songs have a recipe of catchy melodies, blaring leads, and arena-like anthems. The version of the album we were given currently has 15 songs including an introductory track.

Pheonix and long-time engineer, Jon Hasz, have two songs that have currently charted on the Top 100 Alternative Chart. One of these songs will be present on the album with a more polished version than the single currently available.

The only writer on this album is Pheonix, and that may as well be the best part. The album highlights his unusual writing style in the most complimentary way. With some songs, Pheonix is almost rap-singing to cram in all of the ping-pong lyrics. Some songs are slower and give the album space to breath.

Closer to Closure is expected to release at the beginning of 2025. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated, and follow Pheonix to hear his latest songs. We are proud to exclusively cover his music, and we are certain this is just the beginning of his rise to stardom.


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