Palestinian ‘Playmaker’ Siilawy Disrupting the Music Scene

Siilawy (real name Husam Zeyad Hussein), a young musical artist of Palestinian origin, was raised in Amman, Jordan, in the Middle East. Siilawy had no idea growing up that music would be the gateway to networking and meeting other talented musicians, ultimately becoming an industry icon.

Currently, the young, fast-rising star already has achievements that are yet worth bragging about. Siilawy has garnered 640,000+ subscribers and about 90 million views on his YouTube channel, all in nearly two years. His most recent project, “Lessa Ma’aki,” gathered over a million views within the first 24 hours. Other songs such as “Qodam ElKol” have surpassed over 36 Million views on YouTube. Yet from what we see in Siilawy, it won’t be long as he’s just getting started. Let’s not forget his new upcoming projects, such as his rumored track “SHADOWS” with a great friend of his, LXIV 64, set for release this late January 2022.

Siilawy would love his fans to stay in touch and follow him on his growing social media accounts. Follow Siilawy on:



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