Meet Toronto Artist MVC who is breaking records in the Toronto Rap scene

MVC who’s real name is Omari Kelly was born in Scarborough but is of Jamaican decent. He grew up with his mother and younger siblings. As a child his family moved around a lot due to financial difficulties, staying in shelters and other family homes until they got their own place in “Villaways”. This is where his introduction to being a creative began. It started with him dancing and being a DJ followed by organizing and hosting parties along with a promotional team MVC organized hisself.

In 2011 MVC picked up rapping and music when he was exposed to it by Sam G who is well known in the underground Toronto rap scene. Unfortunately his past kept hunting him and he was arrested and hit with a 5 year sentence which he served 3 of and spent the rest on parole. Upon being released he took a break from music because of his parole conditions he had a curfew and a 9–5 job but was boiling with anger inside for everyone who abandoned him and decided to put this pain into a song called “Killin Me”. …

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