Kanou On His Music Journey

Inspired at a young age, music was always something Kanou could rely on to get him through hard times. Not only did Kanou relate to most of the music he heard, but when he began experimenting with it, he found it was easy to express himself and communicate with others through music. He started learning production of music and found it was something he loved to do, leading him to record his own music and release his first single “HSTRY”.

On Spotify, Kanou has over 80,000 total streams and gained an extremely large audience through his music. Kanou has a Pop & Chill HipHop vibe that brings people together and makes them feel happy. His music is unique and unremarkable compared to most, with his vocals bringing deep meaning to the beat.

This year, Kanou plans to comeback with a major change and more consistency. He took a break in music but wants to continue to inspire and develop a connection with his fans. Currently, he’s been working on reproducing and writing new singles, some planned to be featured on his upcoming EP. Kanou always is coming up with something to bring others together, and his music is most important.

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