Eran Hersh Announces His Collaboration With Madonna, Blondish & Darmon

Eran Hersh is a DJ and Producer from Miami and this electronic music sensation has built an audience of fans all over the world who are following him and listening to his music. Eran is quickly becoming a well renowned DJ and producer in the global eyes of music. From fans and all the way to the top music executives saving his songs such as ‘Ale Ale’, ‘Ole’, and ‘Human’ in their personal playlists.

This world-renowned DJ and producer have been in the music industry for over 20 years but got his true recognition the past few years. The past summer he went on a European tour, selling out shows in Paris, Tel Aviv, Mykonos, Stockholm, Geneva and more. When Eran Hersh isn’t touring overseas for his beloved fans, he hosts a daily, radio show on Revolution 93.5 FM called “Detox”, Miami’s best electronic dance music station. Hersh’s Afro House and melodic house tracks have accumulated millions of streams on Spotify and new original music is set to be released in 2023. Early this February Eran Hersh has announced that he will be coming out with collaborations with legendary Pop star Madonna, Blondish, and his brother Darmon.

Blondish – “I redid “Madonna – Sorry’ with my friends Eran Hersh and Darmon for fun.” “We were playing it all summer, and people seemed to love it. Then when they asked me if we should release it on SoundCloud for free, I had a wild idea to try and contact Madonna since I know her through one degree of separation, so it was worth a shot. She heard it, and loved it, then she sent us the original vocal files from way back in the catalogue, and she said “LETS GO with this COLLAB!!!” “Now it evolved into this official release with her!” Blondish explains. The collab between the artists will be released on February 10th.

With so much to offer, this multi-talented DJ is finally starting to taste the exposure and fame he deserves. There is so much greatness to come from Eran Hersh, and he’s just getting started. In the nearby future the songs he will be dropping is predicted to be the new sound of electronic music, going viral on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, everywhere. He is definitely a DJ and producer to be looking out for if you somehow haven’t yet heard of his name. Be sure to follow him on socials to be the first to hear his music and buy tickets to future live performances.

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