Bobby Blakdout, the visionary music producer and founder of Blak’d Out Records, is once again making waves in the music industry with a remarkable remix of his hit collaboration, “Bands,” alongside renowned producer Dirty Audio and featuring the iconic Gucci Mane. This electrifying remix, skillfully reimagined by the renowned producers Hekler and Dabow, is scheduled to be unleashed on July 28, 2023, and promises to be a sensational addition to the already illustrious catalog of Blak’d Out Records.

Bobby Blakdout’s unrivaled ability to collaborate with high-level rappers and producers has earned him a prominent position in the music landscape. he original “Bands” collaboration with Dirty Audio, featuring none other than the esteemed Gucci Mane, Bobby showcased his keen ear for talent and his knack for blending genres seamlessly. Now, with the forthcoming “Bands” remix, Bobby Blakdout reaffirms his commitment to pushing creative boundaries and elevating the electronic dance music scene to new heights.

Blak’d Out Records, the record label founded by Bobby Blakdout, has become synonymous with groundbreaking releases and a platform for visionary artists. By consistently partnering with top-tier rappers and producers, the label has garnered a well-deserved reputation for delivering cutting-edge productions that resonate with audiences worldwide. The “Bands” remix featuring Gucci Mane, remixed by Hekler and Dabow, is a testament to Blak’d Out Records’ dedication to curating unparalleled musical experiences.

Hekler and Dabow, the prodigious talents chosen to remix “Bands,” are celebrated for their distinct styles and innovative approaches to music production. As Bobby Blakdout and Blak’d Out Records handpicked these gifted producers, the remix promises to be a harmonious amalgamation of artistic brilliance, showcasing the creative synergy that emanates from such a formidable collaboration.

The “Bands” remix is poised to captivate audiences once again, building upon the infectious energy of the original track with Hekler and Dabow’s signature soundscapes, and ensuring an unforgettable auditory journey. With their unique prowess, these producers breathe new life into the hit, offering fans and listeners an elevated musical experience that stays true to the essence of the beloved collaboration.

On July 28, 2023, music enthusiasts and fans of Bobby Blakdout & Blak’d Out Records are invited to experience the sonic marvel of the “Bands” Remix featuring Gucci Mane, remixed by Hekler and Dabow. The release promises to be an epitome of artistic collaboration and a testament to Bobby Blakdout and Blak’d Out Records’ commitment to working with high-level rappers and producers.

Stay tuned for the remix release on all major streaming platforms, and keep abreast of Bobby Blakdout and Blak’d Out Records’ latest updates by visiting their website and following them on social media.


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