Benji Da Rula – “Da Mafia”

Making monumental moves throughout music and entertainment is multifaceted music and content creator, Benji Da Rula. Capitalizing on his content and craft, Benji is an electrifying entrepreneur as he is CEO of booming brands and businesses, Street SweepazDa Mafia, and iMOBEnt. Pursuing his passions professionally, Benji Da Rula graduated college and traveled to Las Vegas. After a short time there, he then arrived in Atlanta!

Since stepping on the scene, he has shut down showcases. In addition to making the necessary connections by attending a number of networking mixers. Climbing the charts in all creative spaces, Benji Da Rula rocks many hats as he serves as an advocate for aspiring artists. Remaining a force to be reckoned with, Benji Da Rula continues to carry his city of Columbia, South Carolina on his back! Nonetheless, the captivating creator and aspiring artists is currently cooking up some more music and gearing up to push new projects.

As a result, Benji is back with a sizzling new single to wrap the summer titled, “Da Mafia“. Nonetheless, the trendy track actually pays homage to his built from the ground up business, Da Mafia. The HHH Audio Visual-shot music video, breathes new life into the already sizzling single as it opens up with words of wisdom. The visual vibrantly transcends into another realm that you won’t want to leave. Welcome to “Da Mafia” as you can press play on his latest offering “Da Mafia” here at Lyric Select! Lastly, let us know your thoughts!


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